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Assessment Resource Room


Fall Group: Summer/Fall data collection (Group A)

                - Final AY20/21 report is due by March 15, 2021

                - Final AY21/22 plan is due by April 15, 2021 

Spring Group: Spring data collection (Group B)

                - Final AY20/21 report is due by May 15, 2021 (if not possible, no later than September 15, 2021)

                - Final AY21/21 plan is due by May 15, 2021  (if not possible, no later than September 15, 2021)

Summer/Fall & Spring Group: Summer/Fall and Spring data collection (Group C)

                - Final AY20/21 report and AY21/22 plan are due by May 15, 2021 (if not possible, no later than September 15, 2021)

Assessment Coaches

Amber Marean, Faculty, NPS Division, 719-502-3422

Ann Cushman, Faculty, ME Division,, 719-502-3513

Carrie Baldwin, Faculty, ME Division,, 719-502-3644

Emily Badovinac, Faculty, ME Division,, 719-502-3041

Evy Colon-Garcia, Faculty, NPS Division, 719-502-3452

Harley Acres, Faculty,  CHTS Division,, 719-502-3553

Karen Wagner, Faculty, CHTS Division,, 719-502-3148

Kimberly Whitten, Faculty, MS Division,, 719-502-3327

Kristi Ramey, Faculty, NPS Division,, 719-502-2028

Michele Koster, Faculty, CHTS Division,, 719-502-3245

Miki Anderson, Faculty, BPS Division,, 719-502-3506

Nadine Costandine, Faculty, MS Division,, 719-502-3497

Patrick Vallee, Faculty, ME Division,, 719-502-3632

Sarah Whitted, Faculty, CHTS Division,, 719-502-3122

Sharon Bjorkman, Faculty, BPS Division,, 719-502-3495

Tracy Lee, Faculty, NPS Division,, 719-502-3425

Patricia Diawara, Executive Director, Institutional Effectiveness Office,, 719-502-2037 

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