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Service Learning

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Do You Know Who... (see below to find the answer)

serves on the Board of Directors for Greccio Housing?

volunteers with Families of Russian and Ukrainian Adoption?

works with K-12 kids through the Cool Science program?

volunteers to teach religious education at All Souls Unitarian Universalism Church?

is a Volunteer Advocate for El Paso County Sheriff's Office Victim Assistance program?

gives back to Older Women Reaching Younger Women?

helps out with many Catholic Charities activities?

In Their Own Words -- Faculty and Staff on Volunteering

I serve on the Board of Directors for Greccio Housing, an affordable housing nonprofit. I am a volunteer consultant for Front Range Executive Service Corps, offering affordable consulting services to area nonprofits (sort of a SCORE for nonprofits).  I am a Certified Trainer for Bridges Out of Poverty, and during tax season I am a Volunteer for VITA, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance for seniors and low/moderate income. 

                 --Bart Givens, Adjunct Faculty


For over 10 years now, I have acted as a generally trained volunteer teacher of religious education and as a specifically trained “Our Whole Lives” sexuality instruction at All Souls Unitarian Universalism Church on Dale St.   On the RE general side, I teach children from kindergarten through about 8th grade, depending on the curriculum theme for the year or other variables.  Themes range from “finding your spiritual journey” to “world religions” (that’s the one we’re doing this year). In “Our Whole Lives,” we have been trained to deal with issues of biological, cultural, psychological pertaining to children’s and youth’s evolving sexuality.

Our aim at All Souls is to expose children to a diverse range of spiritual, humanist, religious, and philosophical traditions of the ages and encourage them to think for themselves and be curious about their own bodies and minds and other people’s belief systems. 

It’s a great joy for me and a wonderful way to share my own beliefs and values beyond my parenting and family. 

               --Janele D. Johnson, Faculty


My volunteer positions are FRUA (Families of Russian and Ukrainian Adoption), Heritage Camps for Adopted Children, and Starsmore Nature Center (for special events).

Because I adopted Suzanna from Russia in 1994, I wanted to find ways to keep her connected with her culture and with other children who had similar backgrounds.  Orphanage kids come with many challenges, and the information and support was invaluable from these organizations, so I contribute my time to making transitions easier for other families.  And, I live at the entrance to Cheyenne Canon and love that place, so I volunteer at Starsmore to keep it going for everyone to enjoy!

                --Barbara Everhart, Adjunct Faculty 


I work with K-12 children to get them excited about science and technology.  I serve with a nonprofit called Cool Science; we go to schools, museums, and events around the Colorado Springs area and do cool demos such as creating explosions and other fun activities. I do this because I have a passion for science and sharing it with others.

               --Lynnane E. George, Adjunct Faculty


El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Victim Assistance – Volunteer Advocate providing direct crisis intervention services to victims of crime and sudden death in El Paso County, Fountain and Manitou Springs.  I work with families and individuals who have been victims of homicide, sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, robbery, child abuse, assault, human trafficking, and other crimes.  

Southern Colorado Crisis Support Team – Peer member of this team which provides crisis intervention services to emergency service personnel in response to high-stress incidents encountered in the course of their work.

                --Kimberly Barnett, Executive Assistant to the President/Ombudsman


Outside of serving in my official capacity for the Foundation for Pikes Peak Community College, I volunteer with ORY Women (Older Women Reaching Younger Women) and the Southern Colorado Women’s Foundation.  I give both my time and a small portion of my income to all three of these causes.  Why I serve is very simple: In a world where government social programs are a topic of heated debate, non-profits are the only viable alternative option.  Non-profits rely on service.  Without service, there won’t be assistance and therefore, ultimately it is society who pays the price. 

                 --Kristen Meierhoff, Advancement Services Manager


My wife is the media director for Catholic Charities of Colorado Springs.  Our entire family participates in many of the Catholic Charities activities including fund raising for the Marian House and other sponsored programs/events, aiding with the St. Patrick's Day Gala, and working with the Las Posadas event at Christmas.  We are a troop of readily available "volun-tolds" for all of my wife's activities.

                    --David Q. Schlortt, Adjunct Faculty



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