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Co-curricular and Service Learning Activities

For assistance or guidance in planning co-curricular and service learning activities, contact Konrad Schlarbaum, PPCC Sustainability Coordinator. He can be reached at: 502-2342 or

Useful Links

Includes the following information:

  • General Recommended Resources
  • Resources by Discipline
  • Resources that Cross Disciplines
  • Learning Outcomes and Accreditation Criteria
  • International Resources
  • Sample of News & Media Coverage
  • Journals
  • Greening Your Meetings & Conferences
  • Additional Links

SISL is a select group of academic associations and disciplinary societies working together to:

  • increase students' learning in undergraduate courses
  • better prepare students for the 21st-century "Big Questions" that relate to real-world challenges such as energy, air and water quality, and climate change.

Integrating Sustainability Across the Curriculum

Portland State University Sustainability -- Living Lab

Creek Clean Up

SEED (Sustainability Education & Economic Development)


The SEED Center and the U.S. Green Building Council’s Center for Green Schools have released a guide that highlights eight essential elements to building effective living labs.

Pikes Peak Community College Libraries
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