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Once NoodleTools comes up, make a free, personal account so that you will be able to save your work. Next, click on "Create a New Project," then choose which citation style you will use - MLA, APA, or Chicago/Turabian.

When your project page comes up, note that you can use NoodleTools to create citations and use them in a bibliography. You can create note cards with specific places to put your ideas, direct quotes, and paraphrases, and you can associate note cards with specific citations. You can create an outline as well.

Noodle Tools Note Cards












Use the bibliography tool to create citations, and then you can download your citations into a properly formatted bibliography page in Word. Click on the arrow next to "Print/Export."












Choose "Print/Export to Word," and you will see your formatted bibliography page in a Word document.

Use the History Research Guide

Finding Credible Sources on the Web

You can find credible academic articles on the open web, but you have to use search tools that will lead you to those credible sources. Don't forget to EVALUATE the articles you find.

The web pages listed below will get you started finding free academic-level sources.

Internet Public Library

This website includes a section called "Resources by Subject" which contains lists of web sites with annotations written by librarians. The lists are valuable because the sites have been screened and evaluated by librarians who are information specialists.


Directory of Open Access Journals

Academic publishing is changing and some journals make their articles available for free on the web. This site provides a list of such journals, and you can search or browse by subject.











Google Scholar Search

Use Google Scholar to limit your Google search to finding articles only.  Some of the articles in your results list will be free while others require you to pay for access. If you find an article that has a fee, bring the citation information to a reference librarian who can help you locate a free copy.

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