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Government Printing Office

Government Printing Office

Your gateway to many government documents and other multi-media is the Government Printing Office. This office's charge is to provide the American people with authentic documents originating from all branches of the Federal government.

The GPO's home page has a link to FDsys, or Federal Digital System, that "provides free online access to official publications from all three branches of the Federal Government."

What Are Agencies?

Agencies are smaller entities than Departments, and their chief executives are not automatically part of the President's Cabinet. Agencies' smaller sizes allow them to focus on specific areas of expertise and skill. Along with the Departments, Agencies do the work and apply the policies of the Executive Branch.

Quasi-Official Agencies

According to the website, Quasi-Official Agencies "are not officially executive agencies but are required by statute to publish certain information on their programs and activities in the Federal Register."

Current Quasi-Official Agencies:

Federal Executive Branch Agencies & Corporations




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