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Library Instruction: Welcome

Learn about library database instruction for your classroom.

Library Instruction

Library Instruction

PPCC instruction librarians teach many classes each year reaching hundreds of students per semester. Our goal goes beyond simple information seeking behavior. We want students to have the ability to recognize when information is needed and use inquiry to ask the questions needed to find the information. We want them to evaluate their sources and to understand proper citation to avoid plagiarism. Simply put, people who are information literate can identify what information they need, understand where to look for it, successfully use search and retrieval tools, critically evaluate the available sources, and ethically use the most appropriate ones to meet their needs. All of our instruction is based on the GT Pathways Competencies Information Literacy and Inquiry and Analysis.

The librarians use a variety of methods to teach information literacy concepts and skills.

  • Most commonly, librarians make one visit to a class to show the students how to conduct research for a particular assignment.
  • If you would like, a librarian can visit a class several times during a semester. Using the extra time, the librarians teach more complex skills and concepts, and the longer time-frame gives the students time to practice using the new information.


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