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High Impact Practices (HIPs)

Global Village

The Global Village at Pikes Peak Community College is an association of students, staff, faculty, and community members who share experiences, value culture, and make connections. Anyone with a global background or outlook is welcome. 


Join the Native American Heritage Roundtable November 24 at 1pm

Join The Global Village Roundtables every week

Global students lead weekly discussions on each campus around global and student issues. 

Visit Global Village on the web for full details, including meeting times and topics. 

All are welcome!

"Last week we covered a lot of topics concerning the politics behind the Olympics. There were a few attendees that didn't know about the Munich massacre. We spent some time describing its context. We also discussed North Korea and the upcoming Olympics taking place in South Korea. Then Laura BenAmots showed up and we discussed the tense political conflict between Israel and Palestine, and how it connects to the motives of Black September. She shared that Russia is going to be allowed to participate in the Winter Olympics despite last year's major doping scandal. Keith Barnes also attended and proposed a mindset to find a solution. We ended the conversation with how revisioning history is problematic."

-- Laura Aguilar Marquez, PPCC student 


PPCC students, Mandetebe Bitema (Togo) & Nayeli Salinas (Mexico), discuss the intricacies and challenges associated with US Foreign Aid

HIPs Faculty Specialists are peer experts who are ready to assist fellow faculty to implement or improve high impact practices.

Students gather for the Global Village Roundtable at the Rampart Range Campus.

Dr Stephanie Rose-Spalding - Democratic Candidate for the 5th congressional district - speaks to Global Village Roundtable participants on Centennial Campus.

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