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High Impact Practices (HIPs)

Study Abroad

What is study abroad?

Study abroad programs offer students real life immersion into a different culture. Expand your world views while earning PPCC credit.

Supporting Research

"Certainly, Study Abroad in Costa Rica was a Common Intellectual Experience.  In the future we could formalize our relationship as staff/faculty/students with a common assignment that is completed by all of the students before or  during the trip.  When possible, each discipline/class could contribute their own expertise to the common activity.  The Communication class did a great job prepping the group for the trip this time; I'm sure in the future we could find different things for each class to do for group preparation prior to or common activities and/or assignments during the trip."

 --Cynthia Holling-Morris, Faculty Professional Photography  

Listen to Faculty Member Glenn Rohfing interview PPCC student and Study Abroad 2018 participant Jordan Wright where they discuss Jordan's experiences traveling through Italy, being immersed in a different culture, and connecting the dots between his PPCC Communication class and study abroad experience

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Scholarship Information

We are so pleased to announce that we have ten $1000 scholarships available for our Fully Pell eligible students.  If you know interested students who may qualify or who want to pursue this opportunity, please have them contact or


HIPs Faculty Specialists are peer experts who are ready to assist fellow faculty to implement or improve high impact practices.

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