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High Impact Practices (HIPs)

HIPs Rubric

Faculty and instructors assess student learning in the High Impact Practice project or reflection assignment using this rubric. Use of the rubric in HIPs courses is expected.

How to use the Rubric

In Design: Instructors could mirror the wording in the rubric when designing the reflective assignment or when discussing the connections between course material and the HIPs assignment/project with students.

In D2L: Faculty opt in to using the HIPs rubric by attaching it to an assignment folder. The rubric is not designed for grading purposes, but an assessment and tracking of HIPs student learning.

Step-by-step instructions for attaching the rubric to an assignment can be found at:

HIPs Learning Outcomes

The rubric addresses the Eight Key Elements of High Impact Practices:

  • Challenge and Time (category 1)
  • Interactive and Diversity (category 2)
  • Feedback and Reflection (category 3)
  • Real World and Public (category 4)

Read more on these principles at HIPs Eight Elements tab.

HIPs Student Survey

Provide the students the survey link as soon as possible after your course’s major assignment/project/reflection. You could even incorporate the survey as the final step of your HIPs assignment. By doing this, it maximizes the response rate and students can reflect on the still fresh memories of their experiences.


Trouble Shooting the Survey with Students:

The link may break in Outlook email, in which case you may need to type the url above into your announcement to students, instead of copy/pasting.

If students arrive at a page that requires a sign in, they don't have the appropriate link.

If a student takes the HIPs survey for multiple classes, they may need to either clear their browser cookies, or use a different web browser. Then they can take the survey again for another class.


The link can be sent to students via email, or posted as a D2L announcement.

Sample Announcement:

Students - Please complete this short survey about your course (about 15 minutes). You may have to copy/paste the URL into a browser. It will provide me valuable feedback on your experience and help us improve student learning in the future. 

Practice-Specific Assessment Tips

Developed by the Health and Science division to assist in the evaluation of students and their perceptions of the CWP

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