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High Impact Practices (HIPs)

Liberal Arts Humanities Forum

This co-curricular event is an exciting way for students to gain experience and to share out their work publicly.

This work should be assignments/projects that students are already doing in your classes.

Students will reflect on how what they’ve learned in the classroom translates outside of academia through the lens of the Pikes Peak Community College topic Quality of Life: Happiness, Health, and Wellbeing.

It’s open to all disciplines within and with connections to the Humanities and Liberal Arts: philosophy, history, humanities, literature, art history, music, theater, dance, sociology, communication, photography, graphic design, ethnic studies, social work and English… and much, much more.    

An online submission to the EXPO, which is published in The Paper.


What faculty and instructors can do: 

1.) Inform students now.

2.) Help your students fill in the LAHF template.

3.) Coach students who want to present. Not for perfection, but so it is a positive experience for the student.

4.) Invite all students to support those who submitted or are presenting by reading and responding to published work, and by attending LAHF ZOOM session of classmate.

To submit:

  1. Use the LAHF template. If a performance piece (like a podcast with poetry or a video of performance art), email we will send instructions to transfer your file.  
  2. Email your work using to by a date TBD. If your file is too big for email you can submit through WeTransfer.Com. (It's free.)


LAHF template:

LAHF Poster Template

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