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High Impact Practices (HIPs)

Science Colloquium

Science Colloquium Joins The EXPO 

Science students, submit your presentations for the Science Colloquium to The EXPO. Your work will be highlighted in The Paper and on posters in a traveling display to each campus throughout the semester.


When: April 1st, 10 am -- 12 pm

Where: HyFlex (in-person at Rampart Range E102 and remotely via WebEx)


  • Create a Common Intellectual Experience
  • Gain diverse intellectual perspectives
  • Conduct research
  • Collaborate with peers
  • Public sharing
  • Build connection with other parts of the college
  • Maturity and confidence building


  • THE EXPO:  Quality of Life: Health, Happiness, and Well Being
  • NPS Division:   Belief in Science in the US
  • Sample topics and assignments below

How to Participate:

  1. Instructor
  • Informally:  post a D2L announcement and promote it as an opportunity to gain experience with academic extracurricular activities, as well as something they can use on their college and scholarship applications to show achievement above and beyond what other students may have.
  • Develop or modify an assignment to encourage students to participate.  Assign as extra credit or for credit.
  • Develop or modify an assignment to encourage students to attend a colloquium (Math, Science, Humanities).  Give students a reflection assignment.

  1. Student
  • Publishes
    • Choose and research topic for THE EXPO.  Submit EXPO poster to The Paper.
    • Create personalized EXPO poster using the suggested theme “Quality of Life: Health, Happiness, and Well Being” as it relates to the pandemic, racism, sustainability, or anything else related to their studies.
    • Create personalized EXPO poster or PowerPoint presentation using the suggested theme “Belief in Science in the US” or other topics from the Sample Science Colloquium Topics list.
  • Gives a 10 - 15 minute presentation
    • Modifies and expands the personalized EXPO poster into a PowerPoint presentation
    • Modifies and expands the personalized EXPO poster into a video presentation.
  • Attends the Science Colloquium and reflects on one or more presentations using a Common Intellectual Experience format


  • First:  Instructor promotes the event and gives students the opportunity to publish, present, or attend.
  • Second:  Students chooses team, topic, and begins to create their EXPO template.  Instructor mentors and guides students along the process.
  • Third:  Students upload EXPO template, begin to work on presentation.
  • Four:  Students present at event.
  • Fifth:  reflections are due to instructor.

Recordings of previous Science Colloquiums:

Pikes Peak State College Libraries
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