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Open Educational Resources (OER): More Information

A collection of links and resources for faculty use when developing OER.

Need Help?

You can also contact Reference Librarians (, 719-502-3410), for more resources and support that the PPCC Library can provide relating to research or OER.

Further Resources

The following are some resources that provides additional information concerning OER:

  • OER Digest - A bi-weekly publication by SPARC, that is provides updates on open education and OER.
  • Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources - A consortium of community colleges that focuses on expanding access to education and increasing student success through the implementation of OER, and open education.
  • WCET - Part of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (which PPCC is a member of), WCET is a cooperative that focuses on educational technologies, and OER has become a focus as well.
  • Open Education Group - An interdisciplinary research group that focuses on conducting research concerning the impact of OER adoption.

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