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Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL)




Welcome to the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) at PPCC.

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) provides leadership, support, and advocacy for effective pedagogy, andragogy, and initiatives designed with a commitment to freedom of expression and the pursuit of truth in teaching and learning. CETL seeks to cultivate an institutional culture that encourages, values, and rewards professional development as well as college-wide collaboration with a focus on improving the student experience through successful completion at PPCC.


CETL Leadership Team

Karen Summerson (ME)





Miki Anderson (BPS)

New Faculty Academy Coordinator


Martin Conrad (CHTS)

PDW Coordinator


Cindy Skaggs (ME)

Adjunct Advancement Program


Gwen Wallen-Sena (BPS)

New Faculty & Instructor Orientation 

Katie Wheeler (CHTS)

Remote Instruction Coordinator




CETL has a sustainable structure

The Center for Teaching and Learning at PPCC has implemented a sustainable structure for the future to broaden the opportunities for faculty involvement in teaching innovations. The model includes …

• Director
• Program Coordinators
• Committee Members

This model creates a dynamic environment for sharing ideas and pedagogy/andragogy training while maintaining institutional knowledge and stability through rotation of CETL team members. Announcements for vacant positions are posted and applications accepted each spring. 


Committee Members

Christine Arnold 

(Faculty Senate Liaison)




Derek Blanton (Instructor, NPS)

Woody Boyd (BPS)  



Heather Byrne (Instructor, ME)




Jason Dias (BPS)







Linda Hertz (Instructor, BPS)



Iveta Holeckova (BPS)


Monica Novack (BPS)  



Marissa Prince (Instructor, BPS)



Nichole Pritchett-Hilliard 

(Dean of Students)

Patrick Vallee (ME)  
Pamella Wait (NPS)  

What does the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning do for Pikes Peak Community College? Here are some of the initiatives with which CETL is involved:

  • Professional Development Week
  • New Faculty Academy
  • New Faculty and Instructor Orientation
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Promoting Advancement and Growth for Educators (PAGE) Program
  • Classroom assessment strategies
  • Remote instruction support

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