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Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL)

Enroll in the Program -- Submit Intent Form

Begin your PAGE Journey here!  The first step is the Intent Form to begin tracking your professional development (PD) Units. Please complete the attached Intent Form (you can type directly into the form as it is a fill-able PDF file). Please submit this intent form, or any questions you may have to CETL.

CETL accepts Intent Forms for the Advancement program at the beginning of both the fall and spring semesters. Specifically, enrollment begins the first day of PDW and ends at 5:00 pm on the census date in both semesters.The census date is the student drop date in each semester.

We are unable to accept late Intent Forms. 


**The Intent Form needs to be submitted one time only. You do not need to re-submit the form as you move through the tiers. 

PAGE supports the professional development of instructors at Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC) through the completion of professional and pedagogical training. All instructors begin as a Tier 1 Instructor and then can progress through two tiers of additional compensation:  

  • Tier 2 Instructor
  • Tier 3 Instructor

You can now advance to Tier 4 by earning an additional 16 PDUs. Once you have reached Tier 4 status, you will be eligible to apply to attend a professional development conference or training of your choosing. See below for more details. 

The program is completely voluntary for instructors.  Reaching higher tiers does not constitute an agreement for continued employment or preference in selection for open full-time professor positions. 

Professional Development -- Choose Your Own Adventure

Here at CETL, we know one size does NOT fit all when it comes to Professional Development. We all have different needs, interests, academic disciplines, and ideas about teaching. With that in mind, we designed the PAGE Program around the "Choose Your Own Adventure" theme.

  • YOU choose the professional development opportunities you want to attend.
  • YOU choose the ways you implement new ideas/techniques/strategies into your PPCC classroom. 
  • YOU choose how you assess the new idea/technique/strategy for its effectiveness or success
  • YOU choose how long the adventure takes you.

All we do is create the criteria and track your progress to be sure you are on course to your destination!


  • Submit your Intent Form (application to the program)

You do not begin earning PD (Professional Development) Units until the semester CETL receives your Intent Form.

PD Units are not grandfathered into the PAGE Program.

  • Earn 16 PD Units
    •  Professional development can include:
      • classes taken during PDW (Professional Development Week)
      • training in your department that is teaching specific
      • other PPCC programs like SVAC or Boot Camp... plus more! 
    • Apply up to 8 PD units you earned outside of PPCC per adventure (tier)
      • can be discipline-specific like a local, regional or national conference
      • graduate-level classes
      • Conferences on teaching like Teaching Professor or the Lily Conference
  • Apply for May Institute
    • Meet teaching requirements (4 semesters of teaching for Tier 2  - - and - -  2 semesters of teaching for Tier 3)
    • Earn a "Meets Expectations" on all annual evaluations
    • Successfully complete 16 PD units
  • Complete PD Reflection and Tracking Form (attached below) 
  • Present at May Institute  by sharing 3 professional development events you attended,  3 teaching techniques/ideas/strategies you implemented into your PPCC classroom and 3 assessments of those teaching techniques/ideas/strategies for their effectiveness.
  • Earn pay increase upon successful presentation at May Institute
  • Embark on your next adventure (the next tier).

PAGE Video

Tier 1 Instructor (Submit Intent Form At This Tier)

  • Base rate of pay per contact hour


Tier 2 Instructor

  • 5% increase over base rate of pay for Instructor 1
Requirement for Advancement
  • 4 semesters of teaching
    • teaching service may be grandfathered for semesters taught as a PPCC instructor prior to fall 2014
  • 16 units of Professional Development
  • "Meet Expectations" on last evaluation
  • Successful completion of the May Institute 1
Application Deadlines
  • 1st Monday in May (Apply to May Institute)

Tier 3 Instructor

  • 5% increase over base rate of pay for Instructor 2
Requirement for Advancement
  • Teach as an Instructor 2  for 2 additional semesters
  • 16 units of Professional Development
  • "Meet Expectations" on last evaluation
  • Successful completion of the May Institute 2
Application Deadlines
  • 1st Monday in May (Apply to May Institute)


Tier 4 Instructor

  • Travel compensation to approved training opportunity. 
Requirement for Advancement
  • Teach as an Instructor 3 for 2 additional semesters
  • 16 units of Professional Development
  • "Meet Expectations" on last evaluation
Application Timeline
  • January 1 - last day of February




Q: Does the summer semester count toward the service hours required?

The Summer Semester does count towards accumulating the required 4 semesters taught at PPCC to attain Tier 2. Remember, all those who have already taught 4 semesters at PPCC are grand-fathered (or perhaps grand-mothered) in.


Q: Is this program contingent on funding?

Yes; however, the statement acknowledging the program is contingent on available funding is in no way intended to suggest that PPCC is not committed to funding the PAGE Program in the long term. As a state institution, all of our payment is contingent on funding, even Dr. Bolton’s contract states that his pay rate is contingent on funding.  Eight other schools in the Colorado Community College System have implemented a similar program and have sustained the pay increase for instructors. PPCC intends to do the same.


Q: Is there a possibility for a 2nd May Institute?

Currently, the May Institute is scheduled on the Saturday after graduation. If you are participating in the program and know you have a conflict on that day, please contact us. We are open to brainstorm alternative solutions, based on the number of participants who need another option. Our goal is for you to succeed in this program, not to roadblock your success.


Q: This program seems like a modest raise.  How do we compare to the other colleges in our system?

PPCC offers a larger pay increase for Tier 2 than Community College of Denver, Front Range Community College, Lamar Community College, and Northeastern Junior College. After Tier 3, only three schools offer a higher percentage increase in pay for their professional development program.


Q: What if I teach three semesters, then miss a semester (for whatever reason--class(es) cancelled, family emergency, etc.)?  Do I have to start over again building my 4 semesters and my PD units?

No, you do not have to start again. Your semesters taught and PD units will not be lost. However, if you have not been teaching at PPCC for a 5 year period, your Tier 2 (or 3) status will be removed. You will begin at Tier 1 status upon teaching again. Re-enrollment to the program will be necessary. HR will assist with tracking this piece for accountability, but it will also be your responsibility to self-report.


Q: Where can I get more information about the program?

You can contact CETL with your questions.

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