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About Faculty Orientations

Each semester, we offer a dynamic event designed to introduce new PPCC faculty to the administrative and pedagogical/andragogical requirements of teaching at PPCC. 

The New Faculty & Adjunct Orientation is always offered Fall and Spring semesters on the Thursday prior to the Professional Development Week. 

Contact us with any questions. 

Academic Memberships Available to Faculty

PPCC memberships available to faculty.


Chronicle of Higher Education

When accessed through a PPCC computer, you will have full premium access to all items. You do not need to log in.


The Chronicle provides many topics under faculty, student, administration, leadership, and more. Check out the special reports section which highlights current issues and provides articles and evidence to help create critical-thinking topics for courses.



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Password – nisod339

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The NISOD site offers various abstracts and webinars. There is also the NISODCast. The NISODCast features conversations with educational leaders from across the globe exploring urgent topics, innovative solutions, and success stories from NISOD members and partners. These short conversations are a great way to learn from experts on diverse topics from the comfort of any computer.

Learning Partners Observation

The Learning Partners Observation is an opportunity to observe a peer, invite the peer to observe you and then schedule a discussion to share observations and learn from each other. It is not intended to be used for evaluative purposes.  It may not be used for hiring, promotion, or scheduling decisions.  It is for discussion purposes only and meant to serve as a guide in reflecting about teaching and learning. 


Rubrics Webinar Fall 2015

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