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Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL)

This is Engagement

Betsy Tuma, Adjunct Instructor -- Multimedia Graphic Design, wanted to set the tone for the Fall 2015 semester. To accomplish that, on the second day of class she used a hands on activity developed by the Stanford D School to spark critical thinking in the multimedia graphic design area.  It was very well received by students and built a vibrant class community


Using Jig-Saw & Minute Papers

Nash Community College, North Carolina (12-2012):   Lettie Allen, Biology Instructor, talks about how to use jig-saw and minute papers to help student break down rigorous textbooks and articles for better understanding. (3:58)

Take-Aways from the AHE Academic Advising for Student Success Session

10-2 Lesson Structure

Nash Community College, North Carolina (12-2012):   Sarah Prezioso, Early Childhood Instructor, talks about how the 10-2 Lesson Structure has increased student success and enhanced her ability to cover the content of her course.  (2:04)


Nash Community College, North Carolina (1-2013):   Robin Latham, English Instructor, discusses the benefits of Think-Pair-Share and how she has incorporated the strategy into her classes. (:51)

Cornell Notes

Nash Community College, North Carolina (February, 2013):  Paula Boddie, English Instructor and AVID Cohort Instructor discusses how she is using Cornell notes in her classes and also requiring students in one of the developmental classes to turn them in for grades.  She is supporting the note-taking in all her classes with reading prompts and using the Essential Question that is part of Cornell notes to provide the needed structure for student success. (The courses referenced in the clip are DRE 096: Integrated Reading and Writing I and DRE 097: Integrated Reading and Writing II.  "DRE" stands for Developmental Reading and English.) (6:19)

Quick Write & Think-Pair-Share

Nash Community College, Rocky Mount, NC (September, 2013):  Michael Coleman, Drafting Instructor and Counselor, explains the value of using Think-Pair-Share and the Quickwrite to help his students learn from each other and to put him in the role of facilitator vs. teacher. (3:20)

Philosophical Chairs

Nash Community College, Rocky Mount, NC (September, 2013):  Holly Whistler, Nash Community College English Instructor, discusses philosophical chairs and provides examples of how to use them in various non-Humanities settings. (6:02)

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