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Films on Demand FAQ

Discontinued Films -- June 30, 2019

The following films will be discontinued from Films on Demand on or around June 30, 2019. Please email the library with any questions. 


Title                                  Producer Item # Usage
The Dark Ages A&E Networks 43046 22 Views
The Treaty of Versailles A&E Networks 42678 5 Views
Propaganda Wars: Japan and U.S.—The Battle for Hearts and Minds A&E Networks 42943 5 Views
Disaster at Dien Bien Phu A&E Networks 42677 4 Views
Founding Mothers A&E Networks 43057 3 Views
The French Revolution A&E Networks 43058 2 Views
Mao's Great Leap Forward A&E Networks 42682 2 Views
Heart of Darfur: Fighting an International Humanitarian Crisis WNET/13 39927 1 View
Inside North Korea A&E Networks 43068 1 View


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