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Government Information

Explore a huge universe of information in many formats. A great source for statistics.

Why Use Government Resources?

  1. The US Government is one of the largest producers of information in the world, so you are likely to find something relevent among its resources.
  2. Governments are great at counting things. If you need statistics, look at government sources.
  3. Governments fund research and thus publish a lot of research reports.
  4. Government documents are often free or very low cost.

How to Use This Guide

  • To find websites from or about government agencies use the Portals tab .
  • To find statistics go to the  Portals page and look for the link to FedStats, a searchable database of statistics produced by Federal agencies.
  • For information on courts and their decisions, look on the Judicial Branch tabs. 
  • For legislation and laws, choose the Legislative Branch tabs. The Enacted Laws tab has information on laws that are on the books. The Making Laws tab has information on laws that are in the process of being enacted by state or federal congresses.
  • The Executive Branch tab provides information and links for a wide variety of resources, including:
  • Presidential or Gubernatorial documents
    • Executive Branch agencies such as the Budget Office, Government Printing Office, or regulatory agencies
    • Cabinet Departments' information and services, such as:
      • national parks (Dept. of the Interior)
      • international travel (Dept. of State)
      • student loans (Dept. of Education)
      • etc.

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