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High Impact Practices (HIPs)

Common Intellectual Experiences

Common Intellectual Experiences involve: 

  • A cohort (class, club, major)
  • Curriculum (ties to classwork)
  • Experiences (social-emotional, memorable)


CIEs often function as a series of co-curricular events or experiences. A CIE may be a single event, designed for students within a major, a large, integrated program (many classes/disciplines), themed.


Framework for Design of Co-curricular Experiences

Please consider integrating an event into your coursework. 

Here are some events that we are excited about:

Student Life Welcome Week activity

 The Global Village, meeting monthly online. See more at the PPCC HIPs webpage. Detailed topics attached. 


DEI Virtual Events and Resources.

For your remote course:

Post an announcement of WHY and HOW for the students: 

  • importance of the event related to course content or student skills 
  • what the steps are for the student

Follow the CIE Framework

  • Select an event, Prepare students to explore the topic 
  • Experience the event, Reflect on learning

Share Learning: 

  • At The EXPO. Students submit coursework related to college wide theme of "Quality of Life: Health, Happiness, and Well-being." Contact: Submissions accepted all semester. Also visit for more details.

OR, in The Paper. Students write news pieces about college life and events. Contact:

virtual experiences:

  • Bring in what normally would be outside experiences to share perspectives 
  • Unite the curriculum with interdisciplinary topics 
  • Seek to develop the student holistically

CIE Specialists are experts who are ready to assist faculty to implement or improve high impact practices.​


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