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High-Impact Practices (HIPs)

Common Intellectual Experiences

Common Intellectual Experiences involve: 

  • A cohort (class, club, major)
  • Curriculum (ties to classwork)
  • Experiences (social-emotional, memorable)


CIEs often function as a series of co-curricular events or experiences.

A CIE may be:

  • a single event
  • designed for students within a major
  • a large, integrated program (many classes/disciplines)
  • themed

                                                                                                                                                                                Adapted from UC Denver

Please consider integrating an event into your spring coursework. 

HIPs recommended events:

The Global Village 

(Tuesdays Rampart Student Lounge 1-2pm, Wednesdays Downtown Breezeway 1-2pm, Thursdays Centennial A312 The Community Table 12:30-1:30pm)

Student led conversations with diverse peers and faculty on substantive topics. Topics calendar available January 13.

Contact: or


Unlikely film screening

(February 5 Centennial Grove 11am -1pm, and Feb 6 Rampart Student Lounge 11am -1pm)

Students explore success in college. Film trailer.



The Multicultural Awareness Conference 

(March 17 Rampart Atrium 11-2, March 18 Downtown 11-2pm, March 19 Centennial Atrium 11-2pm)

Student panels and presentations on "The American Dream."




(April 7 Rampart Student Lounge 10:30-12:30, April 8 Downtown 10:30-12:30, April 9 Centennial Grove 10:30-12:30, and April 9 Centennial Atrium 4-6pm)

A celebration for members of this community and allies.

Contact: or


Seadrift film screening

(April 2nd, Rampart evening, Centennial afternoon)

Students explore a refugee experience. Film trailer.



Colorado Springs Undergraduate Research Forum

(April 11th at The United States Air Force Academy--USAFA)

Students present their research process and findings.

Contact: or


Trash Art Competition 

(Earth Day April 22; Trash Art workshops Rampart April 14, Downtown April 15, and Centennial April 16)

Students create art from discarded materials, or identify how they will start reusing discarded materials.



Celebrate Service

(April 21st Centennial Atrium 4-6pm)

Students, faculty, and community partners highlight service projects and celebrate accomplishments.



The Math Colloquium

(April 2020)

Students present on math problems and research findings.



CIEs could include classes or programs partnering with:


Visit Queensborough Community College as an example of a common reading program, like our All Pikes Peak Reads.

HIPs Rubric 

 Faculty opt in to using the HIPs rubric by attaching it to an assignment folder. 

Step-by-step instructions for attaching the rubric to an assignment can be found at:

Access the  Rubric Guide and FAQ and additional materials on the Assessment page.


CIE Specialists are experts who are ready to assist faculty to implement or improve high impact practices.​

Have general HIPs questions? Contact: 

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