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High Impact Practices (HIPs)

Writing-Intensive Courses

What is it?

• Students produce and revise writing as a process (repeated practice)

• Students practice writing in various genre based on academic and actual situations varied purposes, audiences (with emphasis outside class) within different disciplines (career paths)

Writing Intensive courses include:


  • multiple steps to complete writing project, fosters a sense of accomplishment
  • meaningful to student, an assignment where the student takes ownership 

Substantive Interactions/Diversity

  • critical consideration of multiple viewpoints 
  • experiences with diversity (people or situations unfamiliar to the student)


  • constructive, frequent feedback so that students can revise work
  • opportunities to reflect on processes and learning 

Real World/Public

  • writing with a purpose and audience that extend outside of class
  • writing is shared with intended audience, for a specified purpose


Writing intensive video:


Wanna get published?

The Paper: Pikes Peak Community College student newspaper

Parley: is a literary arts journal designed to showcase the creative and academic excellence of emerging & established artists in Colorado. All works are curated, edited, and designed by students at Pikes Peak Community College.

SitRep: This literary publication honors the voices of military service members, veterans, and their families at Pikes Peak Community College. We work in collaboration with Military and Veterans Programs.

EXPO: Highlighting student work.


HIP Writing Assignments:

  • Proposal to local organization
  • Op Ed or essay related to work/career
  • Educational/informational writing (PSA-type, or for a local school, or community group)
  • Researched Memoirs (academic research on elderly, or other group, and interviews, write that story.)
  • Freedom Forum: Explore front pages of newspapers from all over the USA to investigate how different parts of the country are experiencing news. Could be a great tool for many projects and disciplines!
    • Look for 3 front page articles that report on the same event with significantly different viewpoints or biases. What impact might this have on the audience or community?

Make writing public:

  • To a local person or group that has the power to effect change
  • Learn how to publish student work, see the Publish tab above

Student-facing documents:

HIPs Faculty Specialists are peer experts who are ready to assist fellow faculty to implement or improve high impact practices.

Sylva Miller 

ME Faculty Writing Intensive Specialist




Have general HIPs questions? Contact: 

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